Monday, 31 October 2011

October is the month

I'm sad October is almost over, the clocks have gone back, the gray evenings draw in and the leaves have started to stop falling. ''sigh''. Had a fun month though:

First market stall for Pink Sunshine and The Quangle Wangle Quee, Best lunch : cheese chutney and crackers, Snuggles with new furry friends, Inspiring friends and their kitchens, Cream tea, Crochet, Apples for mini apple pies, Sunny sea side and Keats, Cat kisses :)

Ps. I have finished a very long project. . . . .my very first cardigan! Trust me to choose a long one for my first attempt at a jumper:) But finally its finished and just in time for the cold weather. i am not the most patient of people so lasting this long on one thing and finishing it is quite an achievement for me! Here I am modelling, with indie wanting to get into the shot! Now I just have to pick my next project as I am craving to be knitting and have nothing on the go, any ideas?

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