Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Industry of one

'Grace Smith was not born for this time. Gizmos and gadgets do not amuse her. Velvet turbans become her. To sum it up, she would prefer to read on good old fashioned paper thank you very much. '

'Like the quirky, slightly sinister pieces clustered throughout her East Village VeraMeat shop, Vera Balyura’s story carries an element of the fantastical.'

'Amy Merrick contains her talents well. She doesn’t boast. Or name drop. She demurely skips through mentions of heaping accomplishments. In short, she could stand to be a little more smug. Then again, it’s Amy’s down-to-earth qualities (no pun intended) that make this modern day flower girl all the more charming.'

Industry of one is my new favourite sites, I love reading peoples creative story's, especially when they are able to make a life out of it. Helps me to dream:)
I had the most amazing weekend at The Great Escape festival, and will be boring you all silly with a heavily inspired music post soon all about it! It wore me out a bit though and believe it or not I have actually had no voice for the last 2 days because of all the singing/wooping! So I am trying to not talk as much to rest it and coax it back, hard task for me! 
Hope you all had great weekends, what did you get up to?

Happy tuesday everyone:)

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