Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I have spent the last few days ill:( Something is wrong with my belly and it keeps letting me know. . . . so instead of getting out and bout as planned for the bank holiday I have been in bed with my cats obsessively watching Once upon a time, Fred and Ginger movies (Tonight its Roberta:) and surfing sewing blogs.
I love sewing blogs, so much that I actually spend quite a lot of time reading them but never actually sewing:) But that is about to change. I am determined to get back on track with my goal of learning how to sew more. Especially when  I see everyone's Me-Made-May creations, I wish I was part of that, So that's my goal for next year, to spend next may wearing my creations every day.
I have a new hero in the Sewing world. . . . .Her name is Mokosha and I have big girl/creative crush on her.

Not only does she find the time to make almost ALL of the clothes above, she also is a art historian and archeologist!!! How cool is that! I want to be her friend. . . .and possibly steal all her clothes:)
The thing I love is how everything she makes is her own style, is bright colourful and just herself. Which is one of the best things about sewing right?!
Who has been inspiring you lately? Please share as I always love to find more inspiration:)
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. I love Once Upon A Time, too! I need to make myself a frilly petticoat to peep out from underneath my skirts like Mokosha :)

    1. Are you watching it uk time or on-line? I am online and am dying to have someone to talk to it about!!!

  2. I wish I could sew! & I hope you feel better soon.