Sunday, 6 May 2012

Musical Sunday


I love sundays . . . .cup of tea and breckfast in bed!!! I'm having a bit of a quiet day today, yesterday was a bit crazy at work and I feel like I just need some quiet time to sort my life out!
I'm excited for next weekend though because my brothers and I and some friends are heading to Brighton for the Great escape festival, a awesome festival for new music talent:) Cant wait . . . so I thought for this edition of Musical Sundays I  would show one of the people I am hoping to see:)

Happy Sunday everyone, and for those who are also in the UK enjoy your Monday off tomorrow:)


  1. Have fun at the Great Escape... I haven't seen the lineup this year, but don't British Sea Power ALWAYS play it without fail? If so, I'm jealous x

  2. Wonderful, I hope you have a super time! Loooove that song, she has such a soulful 60's voice, which is adorable:)

  3. tea & breakfast in bed = the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning :)