Friday, 14 September 2012

Summer in the City, Future Cinema - Grease

Last Friday a friend (The beautiful Amberooney:) and I went to Future Cinemas Grease.

As some of you can probably remember, I went to the Bugsy Malone one a bit earlier in the year, and so was really looking forward to this extravaganza.

It was in a Schools field in south London. Between deciding whether to hang out in Frenchies house and get a vintage hair-do, or go and jive to the band (jiving won!) we managed to get round most of the activity's. I love the fact you can really pick out the people acting the characters of the film, they wonder around mingling with the crowd ,T-birds flirting with all the pretty girls and the cheer leaders showing off their skills. I would love to be part of one of their shows:)

It was a perfect sunny evening and as the sun went down everyone took to the bottom of the field when the big screen started playing the opening bars of Summer loving.
Much singing and dancing ensued:) 

Honestly if you are a fellow UK dweller please try out Future Cinema. It really is a cinema experience unlike any other:)
Thank you Future Cinema . . . .Grease is the word:)

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. this looks like it was amazing! I've heard a couple people say how good it was but your pics have just confirmed it - officially jealous! x