Thursday, 27 September 2012

So yeah, things I love right now - Take 3

1. This drink - This baby is for keeps me thinks: Mocha Coconut iced coffee
2. This Hair- Motivation to keep growing mine:) I want to finally be able to put mine up in a bun.
3.This Cape - Always, but especially this time of year
4.This Amazing sewing diary - A British reverend’s daughter named Barbara Johnson (1738-1825) kept a meticulous diary of the fabrics she used and details of the garments she made with them. The original diary is now a part of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection. 
5. This Jumper pattern- Purl Bees beautiful pattern is on my to make list. . . .  .which sadly is growing faster than I can complete projects! So many crafts, so little time.
6. This Lady - My Style icon, a Julie Andrews:)
7. This Photo - Makes me smile every time I see it. I do love a bit of Star Wars every now and again. 

I hope everyone is having a fine and dandy week and are looking forward to the weekend! Mine is going to be filled with friends and old Willy Shakespear, giggles all round:)

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  1. lovely post! I really like that jumper pattern.. think I may need to add it to my DIY list :)